Best Long Distance Movers

Since its inception in 2007, King Moving & Delivery Inc. has grown into a leading moving company in Florida. From Hollywood to Palm Beach, our professional moving teams will take your belongings there safely and quickly, supported by our dedicated customer service team. Our long distance services put you first. We keep you updated on each step of the journey. The truck that carries your belongings is equipped with GPS tracking that allows you to track the location of your belongings at all times. The best part is, that that truck will only be carrying your items! You won’t share the space with other clients, which means your valuables will be even more protected and safer on the way to your new home.

Trusted Long Distance Moving Services

Moving to another city or state can be an overwhelming task since you have to decide how to take your belongings from point A to point B. Although hiring a professional moving company is faster and more efficient, King Moving & Delivery Inc. offers various options and packages that can be adapted to your specific needs, making it even better for you. We provide long distance moving of more than 50 miles within a state (intrastate) or across state boundaries (interstate).

Our most popular and the fastest option for long distance moving is our accelerated service. The same moving team that loads your items in the truck will drive directly to your new home and offload them as well. You won’t have to wait several days for your items to arrive, nor will you worry about your valuables getting mixed up with the stuff of our other customers since each truck is reserved only for one client.

MyKingMoving: The Best Long Distance Movers Company

At King Moving & Delivery Inc., we carry your belongings in a portable container (about 5 meters) and transport them along with other portable containers in a trailer for long journeys. After transporting them to your new city, the nearest King Moving & Delivery Inc. team will deliver and unload the items directly into your new home. This process takes a little longer, but it allows you to save on the cost of the move, making it even more cost effective.

What Is a Long-Distance Move?

Whether it is a residential or business move, we at King Moving & Delivery Inc. have years of experience that we take pride in. We offer quick, no obligation, estimated quotations and schedules to give you a better idea of your move, and to help you plan accordingly.

How Much Does a Long Distance Mover Cost?

Our moving consultants gather as much information as possible about your move over the phone with an estimated budget, which will then be used to generate a fairly accurate quotation to give you an idea of what the package would be like, and what it would cost. Long distance moving charges are based on how many things you need moved. If you are moving fewer items, that means less packaging, less effort, a smaller truck, and much less logistical problems. Our quotations also take into account the total weight of your valuables, and the distance of the move. You also the option to add additional appraisal coverage to give you more peace of mind for your more valuable items.