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About King Moving & Delivery Inc.

About King Moving & Delivery Inc.

Our excellent customer service is due to our excellent staff, their training and also our years of experience in Residential and Commercial Moves. …

Why Choose Us?

Moving can be overwhelming. As a company who moves thousands of households every year, we sympathize. So let us make your choice of moving companies a little simpler.

Our priorities as a mover.

Keeping Your Move Simple

From the time we give you a quote to the time that our drivers say good-bye, our goal is not just to move furniture and appliances, it’s to minimize your moving inconvenience. We take care of dis-assembling, packing, organizing, hauling, unpacking, assembling…all of those things that can exhaust even the most organized families.

Our crews are not just two guys in a truck, they are well-trained professionals that know how to pack and move with care.

Keeping Your Costs Down

Before we ever show up you’ll have an Estimate of your costs. We’ve told you that our crews are professional, but have we mentioned how efficient they are? We know that you don’t pay for a moving crew to relax and take their time, and so even in the Florida summers our crews work with a sense of urgency. And since hourly moving rates are regulated, the best way to cut your moving costs is to have a company that employs movers who know what they’re doing, move quickly, and get it done right the first time.